Saturday, May 15, 2010

Undateable .

Heyy! So I'm watching Undateable on VH1 and it's hilarious. If you've never watched it, then you definitely should! Here's some of the reasons why they say, and I agree, that men are undateable!

Wearing Tighty Whities

No like seriously? WTF?! Like why would you wear those? What makes you even buy them? Please stop wasting your money and get some boxers or boxer briefs! Much sexier! Not that David Beckham don't look sexy in that pic but still... them tighty whities need to go! LOL


Dirty Bathroom

I personally can't stand going in a dirty bathroom. I've dated a dude who had a dirty bathroom and it so turned me off. I never even wanted to go over his house because I wasn't about to shower in some dirt stained tub. Come on. Clean! Get some ajax and get to scrubbing!

Dirty Nails

Major turn off! Like even if you work somewhere where your nails can get dirty everyday… well every night you need to be cleaning them! Dirty nails just aren’t cute. I wouldn't want you touching me with some shit stained looking hands. I personally think it's nice when guys even get manicures! Just keep it simple with a clear coat please! LOL.


What are moobs? Man Boobs! Yeah sorry boys but that makes you so undateable. Especially if they are bigger than mines. Like I can maybe do an A cup but if you a D cup like me… then we have a problem. Fix it!

Guys Who Use Steroids

I hate going into the gym and seeing those guys who look like all they do is workout. 24/7 . Like they muscles be so disgustingly huge. It's so not something that I find attractive. The use of steroids is obvious and you will be 'X' out of the 'can get it' list.

Guys who don't pay on the first date
I remember going on a date with a guy to the movies and we went to the automated system to purchase the tickets. He goes and picks out the ticket and such and I notice he only gets ONE. He gets his ticket, moves to the side, and I'm standing there like "Is he seriously not going to pay for my ticket?". I wanted to just walk out right then … but I really wanted to see the movie LOL. But anyway, if a guy doesn’t pay for the first date … on to the next one. He is not dateable!!

The episode also did include one thing that make us women undateable and that was: Asking men if they think we look fat. I would have to agree. Men find confidence sexy and if you're asking if you look fat then they might think you're insecure ... which you usually are.

Anyway lovelies … check out the book Undateable: 311 Things Guys Do That Guarantee They Won't Be Dating or Having Sex by Ellen Rakieten and Anne Coyle for more things that label a guy as Undateable!

Smooches, Presh *