Friday, May 28, 2010

QOTW: 'A Date' Vs. 'Hanging Out' ... what's the difference?


So have you ever gotten a text or phone call or something along those lines where someone from the opposite sex [or same sex if that's your cup of tea] is like, "Let's hang out this weekend."  or "Do you want to hang out?"  And you find yourself thinking… is this a date? Like a date date… or is this just like hanging out as friends? Do you go crazy or obsess about the situation because you just don't know!! Oh you don't? So it's just me? LIES!! LOL. I know for a fact that I'm not the only one who wonders what’s the difference? Or if there even is a difference. No like seriously. Take a second and think about it… in your opinion are they the same thing? Or is going on a date different from hanging out?

I asked this question to a few people on twitter and message boards as my Question of the Week and the answers definitely varied. Here are some of the answers I received:

  • On a date for one both people have some sort of chemistry. You expect flirting and typical date stuff. When you're hanging out your more on a friend base, and more so just getting to know each other.
  • Date: Dress nice, go somewhere, spend money if necessary. But you can have a date at home, say one person is cooking dinner for the other maybe. Hanging out: Comfy attire, chill together, watch movies at home, hang out at the park, nothing that would be costly really…
  • They are the same to me unless otherwise stated.
  • A date is going out somewhere with someone you like or are in a relationship with. Hanging out is going to someone's house or something in that nature and just chillin'.
  • A date to me is where you are looking to take the relationship with someone to another level. Like really trying to get to know them to decide if you guys want a relationship together. Dressing nice, trying to impress the other one, nice restaurant, that type of stuff. Hanging out is where you guys are just chilling. Nothing to serious not really looking to pursue an actual relationship, atleast not yet. Just trying to get a feel of each other on a friendship level before anything.
  • Well, it's evident that I don't even know. This guy I was "hanging out" with decided to kiss me in his car. "This whole time we've been dating? Oh, okay, that's fine."  [I thought this one was too funny!]
  • A Date: Yall are boyfriend and girlfriend, or might as well be and that day or night is just about you two and your relationship. Hanging Out: You like each other and you're hanging out, usually with a group of people, just trying to get to know each other
  • They mean the same thing to me. If y'all spending money or not, y'all just getting to know each other!
  • Going out on a date means an intimate outing for a couple or a future couple. I believe there are two different types of hanging out:(1) you could be hanging out as an like friends, or just talking, trying to get to know each other... once again maybe in a group of people or (2) you could be hanging out w/ someone who you're dating whether alone or with a group of people.
  • You can be hanging out as just friends, or maybe you guys are just chillin' out the house that's more like 'hanging out'. A date is two people who are interested in each other and go out, like you physically do something. Go to the park, get something to eat, etc. If he just keep you in the house  that's not a date in my eyes. And you can hang out with you boyfriend/girlfriend if you guys are just in the house watching TV or something that's like hanging out.
So what's my opinion about it all? Well to me these 'a date' and 'hanging out' does and does not mean the same thing. It all depends on the situation.  If there is obviously no chemistry at all between two people and one of the persons ask the other to hang out then… they are just hanging out as friends. If you two are interested in one another and 'hang out' outside of the house like the movies, dinner, golf, etc. Then that is a date to me! Hanging out inside the house is just that … hanging out!

But as you can see…. Everyone has different opinions on the situation. But I think all in all it really depends on the situation and next time someone ask you to hang out and you're not sure if it's a date… subliminally ask. Or just ask. It's better to know then to not know!!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks' Question of the Week… add in your two cents as well!! What do you think??

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